Case study – Claudia Scott: The Bradford Manufacturing Weeks administrator apprentice
23 June 2021

Case study – Claudia Scott: The Bradford Manufacturing Weeks administrator apprentice

Claudia Scott is an apprentice whose career was borne from the creation of Bradford Manufacturing Weeks.

Employed by the Opportunity Centre (formerly Aspire igen) and based in Bradford, Claudia was recruited as a business administration apprentice to work exclusively on Bradford Manufacturing Weeks in 2019.

Responsible for partnering local schools with the district’s manufacturers, Claudia’s apprenticeship has evolved and she now leads the initiative’s complex logistics and is the main point of contact for manufacturers, schools, colleges and sponsors.

“Working on Bradford Manufacturing Weeks has been a huge learning curve and I’ve gone from being the person making connections with schools and manufacturers to being the main point of contact for everyone involved.

“Although Bradford Manufacturing Weeks appears to last just two weeks (4-15 October), our involvement is year-round as we prepare workbooks, health and safety visits and act as the conduit between education and business.

“Working on Bradford Manufacturing Weeks has given me confidence, intercultural awareness, adaptability and I’ve developed personally and professionally. It’s also given me the chance to meet different people from organisations such as Barclays, Bradford Council and West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

“I love that an initiative designed to encourage apprentice manufacturers has also created an apprentice role for me – and from what I see of manufacturing in Bradford, I can’t imagine a more progressive and dynamic profession!”

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks begins on Monday 4th October and runs until Friday 15th October. Led by West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce with primary sponsorship from Barclays and additional sponsorship from Naylor Wintersgill, E3 Recruitment, LCF Law and Bradford Council, Bradford Manufacturing Weeks has created more than 12,000 manufacturing experiences for the district’s 14-18 year-old students since its launch in 2018.

For more details of how your school or your manufacturing business can get involved, please contact Laura Dooher at the Opportunity Centre on



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