Case Study - Jasmine Hibbert: Degree apprentice engineer, Produmax
23 June 2021

Case Study - Jasmine Hibbert: Degree apprentice engineer, Produmax

“When I left school there was little awareness of alternatives to A levels and If I’d known about Bradford Manufacturing Weeks when I was applying for apprenticeships, I’d have really benefited from its support and information.” Jasmine Hibbert (20).

Selecting engineering as a GCSE option at the age of 14 signalled the start of Jasmine Hibbert’s interest in a manufacturing career. After four years working with specialist aerospace manufacturer Produmax in Bradford – a position she secured independently - Jasmine now has a BTEC level 3 in mechanical manufacturing engineering, an NVQ level 3, an HNC level 4 in mechanical manufacturing engineering and a Level 4 NVQ.

Her next step is a degree apprenticeship in electro-mechanical engineering at Nottingham University which starts in September 2021 and will involve a blend of home learning with onsite university teaching and continued working at Produmax.

“I’ve had so many opportunities in the last four years which have developed my skills and engineering knowledge,” Jasmine explained. “In my third year I was incredibly proud to be named a team leader of an area of the factory floor which was a first and a real milestone for an apprentice and a female!

“I’m now ready for and excited about starting my degree apprenticeship in September and will take everything I learn to further enhance my engineering and leadership skills so that one day I can move into a managerial role within Produmax.”

She added: “I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants to learn and gain hands-on experience. Bradford Manufacturing Weeks is invaluable in giving students and pupils the opportunity to explore the constantly growing manufacturing market of Bradford.”

Bradford Manufacturing Weeks begins on Monday 4th October and runs until Friday 15th October. Led by West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce with primary sponsorship from Barclays and additional sponsorship from Naylor Wintersgill, E3 Recruitment, LCF Law and Bradford Council, Bradford Manufacturing Weeks has created more than 12,000 manufacturing experiences for the district’s 14-18 year-old students since its launch in 2018.

For more details of how your school or your manufacturing business can get involved, please contact Laura Dooher at the Opportunity Centre on



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