Diana Scholefield, GESIPA - Career Soundbites
06 October 2021

Diana Scholefield, GESIPA - Career Soundbites

Diana Scholefield - Managing Director of GESIPA UK & Head of Business Unit Automotive

How long have you worked in manufacturing  

26 years

How important is it for you to speak to pupils, in particular, girls, about your experiences in manufacturing, and what do you hope your involvement will achieve this year?

I like speaking with young people and in particular girls about getting into manufacturing as the opportunities are endless if you are prepared to work hard and take all the opportunities on offer. My career so far has given me so many different experiences, taken me to many different countries and involved working with many different people & companies. I am still constantly learning and enjoy the challenge that manufacturing offers. I hope that my involvement would give girls an insight into manufacturing and the many career paths that you can take in it.



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