Lou Frankland, Mansfield Pollard - Career Soundbites
06 October 2021

Lou Frankland, Mansfield Pollard - Career Soundbites

Lou Frankland – Managing Director, Mansfield Pollard

How long have you worked in manufacturing 

20 years

How important is it for you to speak to pupils, in particular, girls, about your experiences in manufacturing, and what do you hope your involvement will achieve this year?

Manufacturing and Engineering is a fabulous industry to be part of.  It often gets overlooked particularly for girls as a career choice, and I would really like to get the message out there about how interesting and enjoyable this sector can be.  Diversity in business is something which is very important, both within a sector but also at all levels across the business.  I would like to encourage more diversity through the promotion of this career path to young girls during Bradford Manufacturing week




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