More About - Introduction to STEM
14 September 2023

More About - Introduction to STEM


In celebration of Bradford Manufacturing Weeks, The University of Bradford Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies in association with The Smallpeice Trust are delighted to invite you and your students to participate in our Fantastic STEM Day.


Ideally students in Y9 to support their choices of Key Stage 4 options and encourage interest in manufacturing, engineering, science and technology careers. Schools are invited to bring teams of students (ideally between 4-6 per team) to participate. You are welcome to bring more than one team but staff from the School must accompany students throughout the event.

In this challenge, students will use Lego Mindstorms and iPads to build and programme their own vehicles which they will have to navigate around a city scape without any human interaction. As they get more proficient at programming, students will then programme their vehicles to react to emergencies and avoid pedestrians.


The students will have to take on different roles on the STEM Day, some taking the role of design engineer, mechanical engineer, and computer scientist, it is expected that everyone in the group participates to multiple different areas of the task. The students will give a presentation at the end describing the company they have formed and how they worked together as a team in a Dragons Den style event.

Subjects covered include: manufacturing, programming, design, robotics, sensors, teamwork, enterprise. This STEM Day will support the National Curriculum.

The activities are designed to complement the National Curriculum in science, technology, engineering and maths by demonstrating the link between what’s taught in the classroom with the world beyond School.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash



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