SaniStation Competition

Since the outbreak of Covid- 19 there has been a greater emphasis on ensuring everyone maintains high standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness. This has included the regular washing and sanitising of hands and surfaces to minimise the spread of any infection.

BMW2020 invited pupils to immerse themselves in the world of manufacturing and to support our regions educational establishments to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. We asked pupils from year 7 up to year 13 to take up the challenge and design a fun, yet practical, hygiene station that can be used in your school or college.

Project brief
Identify a group/ groups of students to design and manufacture a hygiene station for your school or college. The design should be practical but also fun and interesting in order to encourage students to independently use this upon entry to the building or a designated classroom.
It is down to you to decide how many students take part in this competition. Competition categories are for year groups 7-9 and year groups 10-13.
You may decide one group of students’ works on the project from start to finish or you may wish for various departments to be involved such as art and design, technology, science etc - each taking responsibility for a part of the process.

Judging was undertaken by 3 impartial judges from industry, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and one of the BMW2020 sponsors.
They  assessed the following:

  • Planning and execution
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Aesthetics
  • Practicality

1st place will be awarded a cash sum of £500
2nd place will be awarded a cash sum of £250
3rd place will be awarded a cash sum of £100


The judging panel were blown away with the quality and creativity of each design. 

The prize winner for competition category Years 7 - 9 are:

1st place - Year 9 - Beckfoot Upper Heaton 

2nd place - Team 3 - Year 7 - Woodhouse Grove

3rd place - Effervesce - Libby - Year 9 - Parkside School 


The prize winner for competition category Years 10 - 13 are:

1st place - Team Oastler - Year 10 - Oastler School

2nd place - Kay - Year 11 - Bradford AP Academy Central

3rd place - Raheem J - Year 10 - Bradford AP Academy Central 

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